• Excavator Attachments – Class 160

  • 16 - 19 Ton

  • Ditching Bucket

    Filling and Dumping at optimized angle
    Maintenance time reduced
    Built with AR400 in all wear areas
  • ModelWidth (in)Capacity (cu yd)Weight (lb)

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  • Hydraulic Tilt Ditching Bucket

    Hydraulic Cylinder totally protected from debris
    45 degree tilt each side
    Hardened Chrome plate axle with greaseable wearing ring
  • ModelWidth (in)Capacity (cu yd)Weight (lb)
    *Other sizes availabile

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  • Heavy Duty Bucket

    Optimized loading and dumping angle
    The only reversible quick hitch as strong as a "pin-on"
    Bucket adapts to all brands
    Recommended if you have to change teeth every 800 hours
  • ModelWidth (in)Capacity (cu yd)Weight (in)
    *other sizes availableweight does not include coupler

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  • Super Heavy Duty Bucket

    Same as Heavy Duty Buckets except entire bucket is made of heavy duty steel
    Loading and dumping at optimal angle
    Recommended if you change teeth every 400 hours
    Extra protection can be added on request
  • ModelWdith (in)Capacity (cu yd)Weight (lb)
    *other sizes available

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  • Frost Ripper

    Interchangeable Bolt-on Tooth
    Minimal Maintenance
    Offers Superior digging force
  • ModelLength (in)Weight (lb)
    Other lengths available

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  • Root Rake

    Choice of Inter-finger spacing
    Anti-Trapping system included
    Manufactured with heavy duty steel
  • ModelWidth (in)TinesDistance TinesWeight (lb)
    *other sizes availabileweight does not include coupler

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  • Hydraulic Pulverizer

    Crushing power up to 150 tons!
    High performance cylinder with high speed
    Cycle time of less than 6 seconds (optional)
    5 Models available
    Available Magnet (230VDC or 24VDC)
    Full Rotation optional
  • Universal Extensible Hydraulic Thumb

    130 degree rotation
    Custom-shock absorbers included
    Oversized Rod for demanding work
  • ModelLength (in)Adjustment OptionFingersWeight (lb)

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  • Hydraulic Thumb (Stick Pivot)

    130 degree rotation
    XHD cylinder included
    Oversize Rod for demanding work
  • Progressive Thumb

    180 degrees rotation
    XHD cylinder included
    Unmatched Strength
  • ModelWidth (in)RotationFingersWeight (lb)
    PPB160581802 or 41200

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  • Concrete Pulverizer

    A stronger jaw than standard pin-on
    Fastest execution system and the biggest strength ratio on the market
    Mounted on a bolt-on quick hitch "top-plate" and interchangeable, takes just 5 minutes to install (10 times faster than other brands)
  • ModelTeethWeightOpening (in)Height (in)Width (in)

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  • Trapezoidal Bucket

    Ideal for digging ditches
    Guaranteed time saver
    45 degree angle to blade
  • ModelWidth (in)Capacity (cu yd)Weight (lb)
    *other sizes available

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  • Waste Grapple

    Offers optimum precision
    Ideal for waste management and demo work
    Fully protect cylinder
  • Mutli-Use Grapple (Free Model)

    Optimum opening system that allows handling of very large items
    Exclusive interchangeable female coupler available
    Ideal of all types of material handing, demo and recycling
    Grapple 2 Teeth and 1 Plate
    Full rotation available
  • Multi-Use Grapple (Positioned Model)

    Optimum opening system allows handling of very large items
    Ideal for all types of material handling, demo and recycling
    Multiple use with 2/3 finger or 3/4 finger
    360 rotation available
    Custom made to suit your needs
  • Other Attachments Available

    Skeleton Buckets                   Mechanical Thumbs
    Wedge Couplers                    Pin Grabber Couplers
    Chuck Blades                        Stump Pullers
    Tilting Couplers                     360 degree rotating couplers
    Top Hammer Mounts             Bucket Pins
    Blank Bucket Lugs
  • *Prices are subject to change without notice!