• Excavator Attachments – Class 35

  • 2.3 - 3.9 Ton

  • Ditching Bucket

    Filling and Dumping at Optimized angle
    Reversible quick coupler available up to 15 tonnes
    Maintenance time reduced
    Built with AR400 in wear areas
  • ModelWidth (in)Capacity (cu ft)Weight (in)

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  • Hydraulic Tilt Ditching Bucket

    Hydraulic Cylinders with total protection from debris
    45 Degree Tilt in both directions
    Hardened Chrome Plate Axle with Greaseable wearing rings


  • ModelWidth (in)Capacity (cu ft)Weight (lb)
    *other sizes available

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  • Heavy Duty Bucket

    Optimized loading and dumping angle
    The only reversible quick hitch as strong as a "pin-on"
    Bucket adapts to any brand
    Recommended if you have to change teeth every 800 hours of work
  • ModelWidth (in)Capacity (cu yd)Weight (lb)

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  • Frost Ripper

    Interchangeable Bolt-on Tooth
    Minimal Maintenance
    Offers Superior Digging Force
  • Root Rake

    Choice of Inter-Finger Spacing
    Anti-Trapping system included
    Manufactured with heavy duty steel
  • ModelWidth (in)TinesDistance Between Tines (in)Weight (lb)
    *other sizes available

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  • Trapezoidal Bucket

    Ideal for digging ditches
    Ideal time saver
    45 degree angle to blade


  • ModelWidth (in)Capacity (cu yd)Weight (lb)

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  • Universal Extensible Hydraulic Thumb

    130 Degree Rotation
    Cushion-Shock Absorbers included
    Oversized Rod for demanding work
  • ModelLength (in) Adjustment OptionFingersWeight (in)

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  • Hydraulic Thumb (Stick Pivot)

    130 Degree Rotation
    XHD cylinder included
    Bolt-on Head
    Oversize Rod for demanding work
  • Progressive Thumb

    180 Degree Rotation
    XHD cylinder included
    Unmatched Strength
  • ModelWidth (in)AngleTeethWeight (lb)
    PPB035251802 or 4200

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  • Other Accessories

    Hammer Top Mount                           Quick Coupler
    Blank Pin-On Bucket Lugs                 Standard Male Coupler
    Blank Wedge Bucket Lugs                 Reversible Female Coupler
    Bucket Pins                                        Chuck Blades
    Mechanical Thumbs                           Tilting Couplers


  • *Prices are subject to change without notice!