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    • MakeModelClass #Weight (lbs)
      Atlas 1622d; 1604lc; 1704; 1702040000-45000 lbs
      Bobcat 325D; 238D; 331D; 334D; 335; 709; 811; 911C; 8709; 425; 430; E32; E35M; E42M36000-10000 lbs
      337-D;341-D;435510000-12000 lbs
      442814000-16000 lbs
      CaseCX27b; CX31; CX36B36000-10000 lbs
      CX47; 310A; CX50B510000-12000 lbs
      CX75; CX80; 416; 580814000-16000 lbs
      9010B; 9010; 1085B/C; 688; 880/B/C/D/E; 888; CX130; CCX1351324000-33000 lbs
      CX160; 9020B; 9020; 980B1533000-40000 lbs
      9030; 9030B; 1285; 1088; 1080/B; CX210; CX210-LR2040000-45000 lbs
      CX225; CX240; CX240-LR; CX290; 9040B; 9040; 1280/B; 12882545000-60000 lbs
      9045B; 125; CX330; 9050B; 9050 3060000-80000 lbs
      9060B; 9060; 220B; CX470B; CX47OC 4090000-115000 lbs
      Caterpillar302.5C; 302.7D; 303CR; 303CCR; 303.5DCR; 303.5ECR; 304DCR; 304ECR36000-10000 lbs
      304.5; 305CR; 305CCR510000-12000 lbs
      307C; 308CCR; 307CSB814000-16000 lbs
      E110B; 311; 206; 311C U; E120B; 205LC; 312; M312; 206B; 312CL; 212; M312; 314CLCR; 212B; 211; 205; 211LC; 214; 215BLC; 215CLC; 213; 3131324000-33000 lbs
      M315; 315CL; 213LC; 214B; M316C; 215B; 213BLC; 317; M318; 213B; 3151533000-40000 lbs
      M318C; 224; 215; 318C L; 320; 320B; 219; 219C; E200B; E180B; 320L; 320N; 321C; LCR; 322C L; 322N; 215DLC; 320C L; 244B; CX225; 320DLCR; 320DL; 322S2040000-45000 lbs
      225; 325B; 225B; 225D; 325C; E204B; 328DL; 325L; 325C L; 229; 229D2545000-60000 lbs
      231D; 330; 330L; 330C L; 330D; E3003060000-80000 lbs
      235; 235B/C/D; 345L II; 235C; 330E; 330ME; 231D; 345DL; 349E4090000-115000 lbs
      DaewooSolar 30; Solar 35; DH50W; DX27Z; DX35Z36000-10000 lbs
      DH040; DH50; Solar 55-V; Solar 50510000-12000 lbs
      Solar55V Plus; PZ45612000-14000 lbs
      Solar70-3; 75-U814000-16000 lbs
      DH110;DH120W; S130W-3; DH120; DH130W; DH130; Solar140WV; DH130-2; S130-3; Solar130LC-V; Solar13.5/-3; Solar130W-3; DH1301324000-33000 lbs
      DH170; DH170-2; S170W-3; Solar175LCV; Solar180WV; Solar170-3; Solar170W; Solar200W-31533000-40000 lbs
      DH180; DH220W; S200W-3; DH180LC; DH200LC; Solar200-3; DH200; DH200W; Solar210WV2040000-45000 lbs
      Solar225LCV; DH280; Solar290-5; Solar280-5; DX225LC; S280LC-32545000-60000 lbs
      Solar300LCV; Solar340LCV; Solar330-3; Solar400-3; DH320; DX300LC3060000-80000 lbs
      S400L-3; Solar420LCV; Solar 450-34090000-115000 lbs
      DoosanDX27Z; DX30Z; DX35Z36000-10000 lbs
      Fiat-AllisFE16; FE18R; FE18; FE18RM; FE18LC; FX150; FX40LC; FX200; FX200w; FE201533000-40000 lbs
      Fiat-HitachiFH2002040000-45000 lbs
      FH2202545000-60000 lbs
      GehlMB445M; GE303; GE353; GR37336000-10000 lbs
      GE502; 5032510000-12000 lbs
      GE602; GE652612000-14000 lbs
      802; 803; 753Z814000-16000 lbs
      GradallXL42002040000-45000 lbs
      DH450-3; DX480LC; DX520; DX490LC-3; DX420LC-34090000-115000 lbs
      HitachiZaxis27U; UE30; UE40; Zaxis35U; ZAX15; 274; 354; EX30; ZX17U-336000-10000 lbs
      UE10; ZX8-21.5
      Zaxis50U; ZX40U-2; ZX50U-2510000-12000 lbs
      UE50; EX60612000-14000 lbs
      EX60WD; UH031; UH033; Zaxis80; ZX70; ZX75US-A814000-16000 lbs
      UH052; EX120; UH063; UH062; Zaxis120; UH052M; UH053; Zaxis135US1324000-33000 lbs
      EX160W; UH071; Zaxis160LC; UH073; EX160; EX150; WH073; ZX160LC-31533000-40000 lbs
      EX200; EX220; UH081; UH082; UH083; EX200LC; ZX180LC-3; ZX200-3; ZX225US-32040000-45000 lbs
      UH123; UH101; UH103; Zaxis230LC; UH121; UH122; zx240-3; zx270-32545000-60000 lbs
      UH121LC; UH122LC; EX300; UH143; EX300LC; Zaxis330LC; EX330; ZX330-33060000-80000 lbs
      EX400; Zaxis450LC F-S; EX400LC; EX450; Z400R-3; ZX400LCH-3; ZX470LC-54090000-115000 lbs
      HyundaiR35-7; R28-736000-10000 lbs
      R130W-3; E130LC-3; R140LC-7; R130LCD-3; R130-3; R130W1324000-33000 lbs
      R170W-3; R160LC-3; R160LCD-3; R180LC-3; R180-31533000-40000 lbs
      R180LCD-3; R200W-3; R200LC-2; R210LC-1/-2/-3/-7; R250LC-32040000-45000 lbs
      R280; R290; R290LC32545000-60000 lbs
      R290LC-7; R300; R320LC-3; R350LC-33060000-80000 lbs
      R450LC-3; R450LC-3 M/E; R420; R450; R480LC-94090000-115000 lbs
      JCB803; 803PLUS; 8025; 8027Z; 8030Z; 8032Z; 8035Z; 804SUPER36000-10000 lbs
      8008 CTS1.5
      8052510000-12000 lbs
      5060612000-14000 lbs
      JS70; 8080814000-16000 lbs
      JS110; 805BT; 806C; 812; 811; JS130; 814; 814SUPER1324000-33000 lbs
      JS150; JS160NLC; JS1601533000-40000 lbs
      807C; 817; 818; JS200; 818SUPER; JS2202040000-45000 lbs
      820SUPER; JS240; JS260L; JS260LXD; JS2600-LR2545000-60000 lbs
      JS330LXD; JS330L; JS330LR; JS330; JS3003060000-80000 lbs
      JS360; JS450; JS4604090000-115000 lbs
      John Deere27CZTS; 35CZTS; 25; 30; JD110; JD48; JD49; 27D; 35D36000-10000 lbs
      50CZTS; 50; 50D510000-12000 lbs
      JD60D612000-14000 lbs
      80C; 80; 70; 70B; 190E; 75C; 310; 410; 500; 510814000-16000 lbs
      120C; 490; 135CRTS; 110; 120; 490D; 490E; 495D; 135C1324000-33000 lbs
      590D; 160; 595D; 160LC; 180C; 180C Wheeled1533000-40000 lbs
      200; 690D/E; 690B/C; 200DLC2040000-45000 lbs
      790; 790E-LC; 230CLC; 230; 790D/E; 792D; 240DLC; 270DLC; 270CLC2545000-60000 lbs
      792D-LC; 792; 270; 792D/E; 982E-LC; 330CLC; 330; 370; 892D/E; 350DLC3060000-80000 lbs
      992E LC; 450; 992D-E; 990; 890A; 450D LC; 470G LC4090000-115000 lbs
      KobelcoSK025; SK027; 30SR-2; SK032; SK035; 35SR-2; SK042; 35SR36000 - 10000 lbs
      45SR-2; SK045; SK0550; 50SR-3; 50SR510000-12000 lbs
      SK60 Mark 3; K903-2; K903A; SK60 M IV; 60-4; 60-3; 70SR; 80SR814000-16000 lbs
      SK120-3; SK120-4; SK130-4; SK135-4; K905-2; K904DL; K905; SK120M IV1324000-33000 lbs
      SK150M IV; SK160LC; ED180; SK150-3; SK150-4; SK170; ED195 Blade1533000-40000 lbs
      SK200-3; ED190; SK200-4; 215SR; SK210LC; SK200M IV; 200SRLC; SK220-3/-42040000-45000 lbs
      K909-2; K909A; SK250LC; K909; SK270M IV; SK270-4; SK290LC; SK295LC2545000-60000 lbs
      SK300-4; SK330LC; K912; K912-2; SK300-2/-3; SK350LC3060000-80000 lbs
      SK400-2; K916-2; SK400-4/-3; SK400ME-4; K916; SK485LC; SK500LC4090000-115000 lbs
      KomatsuPC27R-8E; PC27R-8E Deluxe; PC20-5; PC27MR-1; PC27MRX-1; PC27MR-3; PC30MR-1; PC30MRX-1; PC30-1; PC30-5; PC20-6; PC35R-8E; PC35R-8E Deluxe; PC30-6; PC35MR-2; PC35MR-1; PC35MRX-1; PC35MR-336000-10000 lbs
      PC02-1; PC09-1; PC03-2; PC05-5; PC05-61.5
      PC40-2; PC45-8RE; PC45MR-1; PC50MR-2; PC58UU-3; PC40-3; 6; 7; PC55510000-12000 lbs
      PC60-5; PC607B; PC60-7B; PC78US-6; PC75UU; PC80; PC60-7; PC88814000-16000 lbs
      PC100; PC120-2; PC120-6; PC120-3; PC1206 Advance; PC120LC-6; PC-120LC-6 Advance; PC128UU; PC128US-2A; PC120-5; PC128US-21324000-33000 lbs
      PC180; PW170; PC150-3/-6; PC158USLC-2; PC150-5; PC160LC-7; PW170-51533000-40000 lbs
      PC200-2; PC180-5; PC200-3; PC200-7; PC210; PC200LC-7; PC2202040000-45000 lbs
      PC240-3; PC280-3; PC250; PC250-6; PC270LC-6 Advance; PC2802545000-60000 lbs
      PC250-LC6; PC280LC3; PC300-3; PC308USLC-3; PC310; PC3603060000-80000 lbs
      PC360-5; PC300HD-7L; PC300HD-7/-6; PC350; PC360LC3; PC400-1/-3/-5; PC300HD-6MH Avance; PC400-LC6; PC400LC-6 Avance; PC400HD-6; PC400LC-7L; PC400LC-7; PC300; PC410; PC450; PC390LC-10; PC490LC-104090000-115000 lbs
      KubotaKX-71; KX-101; KX91-3; U35; KX121-3; BT900; KH60; KX61; KH70; KH101; K9060; KH91; KX91-2; KX71-336000-10000 lbs
      KH151; KX161-3; KX191; KH28L; KH040; KX151510000-12000 lbs
      KH191612000-14000 lbs
      80814000-16000 lbs
      LBXLINK-BELT 130LX; 135SPIN ACE1324000-33000 lbs
      LINK-BELT 160LX1533000-40000 lbs
      LINK-BELT 210LX2040000-45000 lbs
      LiebherA310B; A900C; R310B; A312; R900C; A900 Litro; R312; A902; R902; A902 Litro1324000-33000 lbs
      A904; A912 Litro; R912 Litro1533000-40000 lbs
      R904; A922; A914; R922; A924; R932; R942; R9212040000-45000 lbs
      R9252545000-60000 lbs
      R934B; R942 Litro3060000-80000 lbs
      R952; R954 Litro; R944; R952 Litro; R954B; R962; R964; R9544090000-115000 lbs
      Link-BeltLS-1600; 80814000-16000 lbs
      2650Q; LS2650; LS2650C; LS2650CII1324000-33000 lbs
      2700Q; LS2700CII; 160LX1533000-40000 lbs
      2800LFQ; 2800Q; LA2800CII; LS2800A; SL2800B; 210LX2040000-45000 lbs
      3400Q; 3400LFQ; LS3400C; LS3400; LS3400A; LX2402545000-60000 lbs
      3900Q; 4300Q; LS4300C; LS4300CII; LS4300; 330LX3060000-80000 lbs
      5800Q; LS5800CII; LS5800A; LS4800CII; 460LX4090000-115000 lbs
      MitsubishiMS120-2; MS90; MS90-2; MS120-81324000-33000 lbs
      MS1401533000-40000 lbs
      MS180-3; MS180-8; MS230; MS2402040000-45000 lbs
      MS230-3; MS240; MS2302545000-60000 lbs
      New HollandEC25; EC35; E27SR; E30; E3536000-10000 lbs
      EC45; EH50.B; E40; E50510000-12000 lbs
      EH70; E80814000-16000 lbs
      EC130-LC; EC130; EC135; E145; E150; Blade Runner1324000-33000 lbs
      EC160; EC160LC; E175B; E195B1533000-40000 lbs
      EW200; EW215; EC215-LC; E215B; EC2152040000-45000 lbs
      EC240; EC240-LC; E245B; EC270-LC; EW160; EC2702545000-60000 lbs
      EC350; EC350-LC3060000-80000 lbs
      EC400-LC4090000-115000 lbs
      SamsungSE200W; SE200; SE210; SE210LC; LE210W-2; SE210LC-1/-2/-32040000-45000 lbs
      SanySY465C4090000-115000 lbs
      TakeuchiTB038; TB135; TB138FR; TB235; TB28FR; TB22536000-10000 lbs
      TB007; TB 1081.5
      TB145; TB153510000-12000 lbs
      TB175814000-16000 lbs
      TB175; TB11401324000-33000 lbs
      TerexHR14; HR16; HR3-7; TC29; TC35; TC3736000-10000 lbs
      HR18; TC48510000-12000 lbs
      HR20; TC60612000-14000 lbs
      TXC 140LC-11324000-33000 lbs
      TXC 175LC-1; TXC 180LC-21533000-40000 lbs
      TXC 225LC-1; TXC 225LC-22040000-45000 lbs
      TXC 225LC-1; TXC 225LC-22545000-60000 lbs
      TXC 340LC-1; TXC340LC-2; TXC300LC-1; TXC300LC-23060000-80000 lbs
      TXC 420LC-1; TXC420LC-2; TXC470LC-1; TXC480LC-2; TC520 Volvo EC420; EC450; EC460; EC460C; EC480D4090000-115000 lbs
      VermeerCX254510000-12000 lbs
      VolvoEC25; EC27; EC30; EC35C; EC45; ECR28; ECR3836000-10000 lbs
      EC55; ECR58510000-12000 lbs
      ECR88814000-16000 lbs
      EC130; EW130; EW130-C; EC140BLC; EW150; EW150-C; EC1501324000-33000 lbs
      EC150LC; EW170; EC160BLC; EW2001533000-40000 lbs
      EC200; EC230B; EC21BLC; EC210B-LR2040000-45000 lbs
      EC230; EC230B; EC240BLC; EC290; EC240B-LR2545000-60000 lbs
      EC300; EC330BLC3060000-80000 lbs
      YanmarB37; YB401W; VIO-27; VIO-35; VIO-46; B27-2B; B37-2B36000-10000 lbs
      B12; B17E1.5
      B50; VI050; VI055510000-12000 lbs
      VI0-70814000-16000 lbs