• Wheel Loaders – Class 40

  • 3.25 - 3.5 Yard Loader

  • General Purpose Bucket

    Protective Heel
    Quick Coupler reinforcement protection
    Female coupler compatible with all coupler types
    Interchangeable bolted cutting edge
  • ModelWidth (in)Capacity (cu yd)Weight (lb)

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  • Light Material Bucket

    Increased loading capacity
    Protective lining for quick hitch
    Quick disconnect fastener compatible with all types of quick hitches
    Interchangeable bolt-on blade included
  • ModelWidth (in)Capacity (cu yd)Weight (lb)

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  • High Dump Bucket

    Oversize Rod for intensive work
    Dump angle up to 120 degrees
    High Capacity
    Ideal of light materials such as woodchips, sand, snow etc.
  • Extreme Use Rock Bucket

    Protective lining for the quick hitch
    Interchangeable bolted anti-wear blocks
    Rock chip protection for the loaders
    Vertical protectors prolong the life of the bucket
    Quick Coupler for loader
  • Side Dump Bucket

    A dump angle up to 70 degrees
    Hydraulic cylinder with integrated stroke absorber
    Oversized Rod for intensive work
    Sequential hydraulic distributor
  • ModelWidth (in)Capacity (cu yd)Weight (lb)

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  • Skeleton Bucket

    Ideal for sorting and recycling materials
    For backhoe and wheel loaders
    Select fork spacing between 1-24"
    Grapple available for added versatility
  • Undercarriage

    Designed for maximum visibility
    Compatible with hydraulic and mechanical systems
    Various forks available
    Wide variety of models and sizes available
  • ModelWidth (in)Weight (lb)Recommended ForksCapacity (lb)
    40UND759506" x 2-1/2"21400

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  • Directional Snow Blade

    Directional Snow Blade
    Automatic ground levelling
    Shock absorber system
    Wear shoes included
    Reversible, Serrated, Teflon, Icebreaker blades
  • ModelWidth (ft)Height (in)Weight (lb)

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  • Quick Coupler for Loaders

    Compatible with all female couplers and all loader models
    Designed for maximum visibility
    High Resistance hydraulic cylinders with all round protection
    Product cut to size with outstanding precision
  • Other Attachments Available

    Jib Booms
    Quick Hitch Fasteners
    Reversible Snow Pushers
  • *Prices are subject to change without notice.