3 Point Hitch

Grader Box Blades

Standard Box Scrapers featuring two cutting edges with bevelling on both sides for long wear and versatility.  Available in 4′, 5′, 6′ wide.

Heavy Duty Box Scrapers feature reversible cutting edge made of high carbon 1/2″ x 6″ steel  Scarifier shanks forged and heat treated.  Maximum bend in scarifiers insures good digging ability.  Available in 5′, 5.5′, 6′, 7′, 8′ wide


Standard cultivators with Cat 1 hitch

Working Widths: 60″ (9 tines), 72″ (11 tines), 84″ (13 tines)


Disc set

Tubular Frame (2″ x 2″), Sealed bearing or Cast bearing

Available in standard or heavy duty (HD frame 2″ x 3″)

12 Blade x 16″  /  16 Blade x 18″  /  20 Blade x 18″

Landscape Rake

Features heavy duty spring steel tines with angling adjustment.

Gauge wheels are optional.

Widths include: 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′

Post Hole Digger

Ideal for fencing, farm jobs, landscaping and construction

Range of auger sizes available.  Standard 42″ – 4″, 6″, 9″, 12″, 14″

Semi-double or Double Flight augers available.

Douglas Finishing Mowers

Great for Athletic Fields, Lawns, Farms, Municipalites
Rear discharge mower
Good overlap on blades
Close trimming edge on both sides
Powder Coat paint

Widths: 5′,6′ and 7′ (dual gauge wheel set optional)

Tractor mounted Stump Busters

Grind through even the toughest stumps with ease with these powerful PTO-powered, tractor mounted Stump Busters.

SC-25 for compact tractors – for lower horsepower tractors, can cut stumps up to 24″ high and 45″ in diameter down to a 10″ depth below ground.  24″ diameter cutting wheel.

SC-50 for larger tractors (35-100 hp) – cuts to a depth of 12″ with a 34″ diameter wheel.


Multi-Use mixer for concrete, feed, manure or other Organic matter.
Cavity Size: 320 litres / 70 gallon.
Operating Capacity:  130 litres / 28 gallons.
Lifts and lowers on the 3PH and has PTO drive, features top link hydraulic cylinder that will extend to allow you to dump into the height of a wheelbarrow, thick steel construction.

New - "Switchback" Box Blade/Pusher

The Wifo Switchback is the box blade scraper that doubles as a snow pusher. 

Grading and leveling is easily done with the Switchback’s replaceable cutting edges on both the inside and outside of the box.  The adjustable rippers featuring replaceable teeth prepare hard packed surfaces for smooth grading.
When the snow falls, the Switchback becomes a front mount snow pusher simply by bolting on the mount plate and removing the rippers and 3PH links.

For extra clearing width and capacity, pin on the optional 6-inch extensions.

3PH Pallet Forklift

Forklift for 3-point hitch category I and II.
Has a lifting capacity of 3500 lbs – 4400 lbs
Lift heights from 59 inches to 110″ depending on model.

Equipped with folding tines and tow hitch allowing you to pull wagons etc. without removing the forklift. 

Available Options:
Optional 60” hose kits with pioneer couplings.