Backhoe Thumbs

Amulet Hoe Clamp

A mechanical, pin-on, full motion thumb. Fits most older style standard and extendable stick backhoe loaders. Easy to install and use, it is operated by bucket curl using Amulet’s patented kidney link design. The HoeClamp requires no additional hydraulics on the backhoe. With the ability to grasp, dig and be stored away when not in use, the Amulet HoeClamp is a must for ultimate backhoe versatility. 
Hoe Clamp not compatible with all backhoes (please check chart below for compatibility)
CASE 580 B,C,D, E Std & ExtFORD 455, 555, 555B, 655 StdJCB 214, 3CX Std
CAT 416 II Std & ExtFORD 455, 555, 555B, 655 Digmor ExtJCB 1700B Std
CAT 416 B,C Std & ExtFORD 455, 555B, 655 ExtJohn Deere 310, B, 410, B Std & Ext
CAT 426, 428, 436 II Std & ExtFORD 555C, 655C,D, 575D, 675D Std & ExtJohn Deere 210C, 300D, 9300G Std & Ext
CAT 426B, 426C, 436B Std & ExtFORD 555E, 655E, 575E, 675E, LB115 StdJohn Deere 310C,D, 410C, D, 9310G Std & Ext
CAT 416D, 420D, 430D Std & ExtFORD 555E, 655E, 575E, 675E, LB115 ExtJohn Deere 510C,D, 610C,D Std & Ext
CAT 416E, 420E, 430E Std & ExtJCB 214, 215 (early model), 1400, 1550, 1550BKomatsu WB146/156 Ext
CAT 446 Std & ExtJCB 214 StdNew Holland LB75, 90, 95, 110, 115, B95.B Std & Ext
FORD 4500 JCB 214 Ext (early model)Terex TX760B, 860B, 960B, Std & Ext

GRYB Hydraulic Backhoe Thumbs

GRYB’s hydraulic backhoe thumb is ideal for extendible backhoe booms.  
Thumb also available for standard boom backhoes.