Demolition Contractor Grapples

The Bateman Demolition Grapple is a reliable grapple for the demolition industry. Available customization to suit your application. Lugging is available for all material handler and excavator classes. The Demolition Grapple is available in a 2 over 3 tine standard configuration, or optional 3 over 4, or 4 over 5 tine configurations.

  • Heavy Duty AR400 Shell
  • Reinforced Heavy Duty Box Tine Design For Maximum Strength
  • High Tensile Strength And Abrasion Resistant AR500 Alloy Tips. Longer Tip Design Provides Longer Life And Easy Replacement
  • Large Hardened Pivot Sleeves And Bronze Bushings
  • Adjustable Stiff Link


GRYB Waste Grapples

ideal for waste management and demolition work



Bateman Pulverizer Grapple

Pulveriser grapples are perfect for crushing and demolition projects. With wide grip jaws and two sturdy hydraulic grapples, the crushing process is faster and more efficient. All of our grapples are manufactured from heavy duty steel and can therefore withstand extended wear.

  • Optimize the speed and efficiency of your shredder
  • Ideal for demolition work

Bateman DEMO-MAG Grapple

The Bateman DEMO-MAG (Demolition Magnet Grapple) is one of Bateman’s innovative ALL-IN-ONE attachments. This attachment combines the versatility of our Demolition Grapple with a durable magnet, Giving it the ability to maneuver material and separate valuable ferrous steel without changing out attachments. The Bateman Demo-Mag is guaranteed to reduce your labor costs for separating and increase your return on ferrous metal.

  • Available With Adjustable Stiff Link Or Optional Cylinder
  • Heavy Duty AR500 Tips With High Tensile Strength And Abrasion Resistant Materials In High Wear Areas
  • Available With Pin On Lugging Or Quick Coupler Hooks
  • Heavy Duty Magnet For Lifting Ferrous Steel
  •  15 to 40 ton machines, Min. Generator size 6Kw