Long/High Reach, Mini-Ex Extensions, Beams

Long Reach

Take all your jobs to a whole new level: GRYB designs and manufactures long reach booms for all types of excavator to enable our clients to accomplish their most demanding jobs.

  • Length adapted to your requirements

  • On-site installation available

  • Optimized weight

  • Fits all makes of excavator


High Reach

Arm specially designed for demolition. Due to its durable design, its manufacturing is easily adapted to any machine. Developed to meet the needs of the client, it excels in precision demolition. With its wide operating range, it allows the carrying out of demolition safely. A disciplined engineering team achieved its design and each concept was analysed with finite elements. GRYB’s arm has been specially designed to work with your demolition equipment. The arm offers a much more efficient demolition process and improves the machine’s efficiency.


  • Arm and beam segments
  • Tubes and hydraulic hoses
  • Cylinder and bucket pivot mechanism
  • Joint cylinder for a second and third member
  • Centralized lubrication system

mini-Ex Extensible Stick

New Extensible Sticks for mini excavators.


Beam Extensions

Easily adapted to your machine. Allows to quickly switch between a long-range excavator and the original excavator. Increases the work range of the excavator and widens the range of possible operations. Several lengths available for each excavator. Quick-coupler system. Finite element methods of analysis are employed to ensure product reliability and durability.

Included :

  • Beam extension
  • Tubes and hydraulic hoses
  • Cylinder and bucket pivot mechanism
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