Scrap Magnet PowerGrip

Standard 230V Magnet,
  • Light weight
  • Excellent power-weight ratio
  • 3 leg lifting chains included
  • Optional Claw System available
Heavy Duty 230V Magnet
  • Increased performance
  • Greater lifting capacity
  • Optional Claw System available
  • Heavy duty chains and cables included

Battery magnet

  1. 2/24V Magnetno generator easily adjustable to your machine
  2. Cost effective
  3. 12/24V battery magnet with copper coil with best duty cycle on the market
  • Chains included
  • 100-amp controller
  • Operator control with pedal
  • 60’ of AWG 4 2 drivers with safety fuse
  • 20’ cable to the battery
  • 20’ cable for the control operator


  • HYDMAG magnets are an important asset to any demolition equipment fleet. This unit is completely independent. The generator is installed directly onto the magnet. Once the hydraulic hoses are connected to the excavator, you are ready to work. A wireless controller allows for a quick demagnetisation of the magnet. The HYDMAG is available in the PowerGRIP and XtremGRIP options.

Hydraulic Generator

  • Compact and safe

  • Can be programmed as needed

  • Detects equipment failure

  • Various models available depending on speed of controller and current type (AC/DC) and voltage