Wheel Loader/Backhoe Root Rakes

Wheel Loader root rakes are built with high strength steel and AR-400 in tine area.
Variable Tine spacing is available.
Available with or without grapple.

This is a great tool for clearing brush from fields and wooded areas without removing soil, rocks etc.

Loader Size / Root Rake Width96" 96" w/Grapple105"105" w/Grapple112"112" w/Grapple
1-1.5 Yard$11,571.00
1.5-2 yard
2-2.5 yard $12,985.00 $20,011.00
2.5-3.25 Yard $14,551.00 $23,016.00
3.25-3.75 Yard $15,322.00 $23,595.00
3.75-4.5 Yard $15,601.00 $25,160.00

Prices shown above include shipping in Canada.  Prices shown are in CDN Funds