• Below is a small selection of new equipment that we offer as well as a listing of brands available.

    • Amulet XBoom Coupler

    • The XBoom Coupler quickly changes your excavator from its typical "Excavator Function", into a new rigid boom tool carrier and back again.  The XBoom utilizes a Universal Skidsteer Adapter attached to the boom end of the host machine.  Now you can attach: pallet forks, skidsteer buckets, hammers, auger etc, in a full revolving configuration.  Utilize almost any universal skidsteer attachment.

      Call or Request Quote for details.

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    • The Hoeclamp provides your standard or extendahoe backhoe with full clamping movement without requiring ANY ADDITIONAL HYDRAULICS using a patented kidney link structure.Aids in Excavation, No Additional Hydraulics, Lightweight, Low Vulnerability, Easy to Install, Includes Stored Position

      Not Compatible with all backhoes, please contact to see if your machine is compatible. 

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    • BRUT Post Grabber and Claw - the only way to move and set posts!

    • Attach to any skidsteer, provide quick and easy post placement, save time and man hours, perfect for setting Perma Columns, safest way to set posts.

      Round Claw Grabber and Square Grabber available.

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    • 3-Point Hitch Forklift

    • 3-Point Hitch Forklift with folding tines and tow hitch that allows you to tow your wagons without removing the forklift.  Lifting heights from 59" - 110".  Optional Side shift available.  

      Lifting Capacities 3500 - 4500 lbs

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    • Little Wonder (Monster) Truck Debris Loaders

    • Debris Loader Available for Immediate Shipment:
      14hp Subaru Skid mount Call or Request Quote
      18hp B&S Skid mount Call or Request Quote
      18hp B&S Hitch Mount Swing Away Call or Request Quote
      29hp B&S Skid mount Call or Request Quote
      29hp B&S with Trailer Call or Request Quote
      29hp B&S 5 Yard Self Contained Unit Call or Request Quote

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      21" wide Aerators
      Honda Powered
      Hydrostatic drive - single
      Brand New Units


    • Lawn Care & Debris Management: Blowers, Vacuums, Mowers, Turf Overseeders, Aerators, Sod Cutters

    • Acreage Management: Mulchers, Augers, Stump Grinders, Stump Planers, Brush Cutters

    • Some of our brands: